All our tours include transportation and guided visit.
Minimum 1 people, máximum 6 people


Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs                                                                        


Located in the northern lowlands of Costa Rica, the impressive Arenal Volcano is a natural phenomenon that attracts thousands of visitors. It`s surrounding flora and fauna are an invitation to enjoy of the rainforest . Our trip will get you to this wonder comfortably; we go across the continental divide to reach an area with diverse plantations and varies agricultural activities such as ornamental plants and cattle ranching. Then, we will arrive to La Fortuna for lunch in a cozy and traditional local restaurant; after it, we can go for an optional hike in the Arenal Volcano National Park that will take us around on the foothills of the volcano, or just simply relax in one of the best thermal water resorts of the area, where also you will be able to enjoy an optional massage or other special treatment (must be reserved ahead of time and with $ extra charge). Last, a wonderful buffet dinner will be served and then right after it, we will begin our return trip to the central valley.



Inbio Park & Britt Coffee Tour                                                                        


Inbio Park, conveniently located within minutes of downtown San Jose, is a one-stop introduction to all of Costa Rica, offering an interactive experience through its ecological park, aimed at bringing families, students and visitors into closer contact with Costa Rica ’s natural resources. Knowledgeable guides will make this expedition more than memorable. The two-hours tour begins with a short video presentation about INBio and biodiversity in Costa Rica just before leading you along a series of trails with live exhibits of the different representations of tropical forest: Rainforest, Pre-Mountainous Forest, Wetlands and Dry Forest. From a safe distance, observe the park's residents including frogs, butterflies, iguanas, sloths, caimans, birds, turtles and snakes, among many others. Later you will visit Café Britt, thrilled to share the hidden gem of Costa Rican gourmet coffee along with our Costa Rican heritage with visitors and tourists from near and far. The plantation and coffee tour have become one of Costa Rica’s major tourist attractions welcoming over 500,000 visitors from amateurs to coffee lovers to business travelers. Buffet lunch will be served after the tour. Then after, we begin the return trip.



Poas Volcano NP & La Paz Waterfall Gardens                        


Besides hosting the largest active volcanic crater in Costa Rica, The Poas Volcano National Park offers you a walk in the cloud forest of the central volcanic mountain range, volcanic lagoons, fumaroles and other craters that make it one of the most popular sites to visit. After lunch, you will visit La Paz Waterfall Gardens, where you will immerse yourself in the tropical rain forest, flowing white rivers, spectacular waterfalls, birds, butterflies, monkeys, sloths, snakes, frogs and jaguars. At La Paz Waterfall Gardens, you are guaranteed to see all that and more. (extra $ charge for wild cats exhibition).



Poas Volcano NP & Doka Estate Coffee Tour                          


The Poas Volcano National Park is located in the Central Volcanic Conservation Area, in the Alajuela Province, which encompasses the area around this natural wonder. After been amazed by the largest crater of the country and walk in the cloud forest, enjoy yourself with a cup of one of the best Costa Rican coffee at Doka Estate, the real Coffee Tour. The main objective of this Coffee Tour is to educate and inform the local and international population with regard to the whole production process as well as the processing of coffee itself. The tour takes place on the foot hills of Poas Volcano, where the rich volcanic soil, the ideal altitude and climate have made this farm famous because of it's excellent coffee. We also enjoy the different flavors and aromas of coffee, the buffet lunch and a charming butterfly garden of this property.



Carara NP & Crocodile Safari                                                                          


Carara National Park protects the river basin of the Rio Grande de Tarcoles, near Orotina, Puntarenas, on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Primary and secondary rainforest, lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Pre-columbian archaeological sites are scattered throughout the area. Birdwatchers are interested in the Carara National Park area because it presents two life zones and a variety of birds, including one of the largest remaining wild populations of Scarlet Macaw in Costa Rica. This is a place you can't miss. After a delicious lunch by the beach, The Jungle Crocodile Safari Tour will take us for about 2 hours in which we will explore the Tárcoles River, home of the largest concentrations of green american crocodiles in Central America. You will be accompanied by a captain and a naturalist tour guide, experts on fauna and flora of the river. During the tour, the boat will go through the Guacalillo Canal, an estuary where four species of mangrove trees (black, red, white and buttonwood) can be found. It's also an important refuge for scarlet macaws, so its presence is very common.



San Luis Canopy Tour                                                                                       


Set into the placid cloud forests of Costa Rica's Central Volcanic Mountain Range, the San Luis Canopy Tour will take you on an exhilarating but safe adventure through lush, green canopy and across the majestic Rio Cataratitas. Carried securely by a system of zip-lines, you will soar weightlessly through the expanse of virgin forest that grounds the tour, and find yourself in intimacy with the habitats of Costa Rica's distinct cloud forest wildlife. The San Luis canopy tour also presents the "Elevator," a thrilling feature that securely lifts visitors high above the forest canopy, granting a paramount view of the surrounding area. The San Luis canopy tour designate safety above all as a keystone principle: all personnel and facilities under this name carry up-to-date certification from the Costa Rica Institute of Tourism making it one of the most professional, informative, and enjoyable zip line tours of Costa Rica. On the way back if weather permits, a short stop could be done at San Ramon for traditional Sweets.



Tour Poas, Grecia & Sarchi                                                                              


Poás is one of Costa Rica´s most active volcanoes, and one of its most frequently visited and prominent ones. Its main crater contains a green acid lake and during some of its frequent phreatic eruptions, water from the lake is ejected like a geyser. Botos Lagoon is a filled-up cráter in the Parque Nacional Volcan Poas. Its deep blue waters contrast with the dense tropical forest that surround it, making it the perfect spot for the stereotypical Indian sacrifice- throwing a Young maiden into the mouth of a crater or a lagoon. The park measures 5600 hectares, and this basaltic volcano stands at an altitude of 2708 meters (8,200 feet) above sea level. After lunch we will continue our adventure in this two beautiful town of western Central Valley. Grecia, where we will see the famous metal church. The church has this very unusual architecture, high ceilings and ornate stained glass windows. Next, we will drive on to the artisans town of Sarchi, known primarily for the famous oxcarts that are built there. These oxcarts are ornately decorated and bursting with intense colors, and come in various sizes, and are treasured worldwide for their unique beauty.



Tortuga Island by Calypso Cruises                                                                


Experience blue water, white sand, green mountains, superb cuisine and attentive personal service. Calypso's super catamaran, Manta Raya, will pass thru more than seven islands in the Gulf of Nicoya. Her Port of Call is the enchantingly beautiful, palm studded Tortuga Island where you can walk the impeccable white sand beach, swim in the turquoise waters and investigate the marine life while the crew prepares a sumptuous feast (featured in Gourmet Magazine). Enjoy dining in the shade of white umbrellas with tables covered in white linen. After a 1 ½ hours of driving from San José to the dock in Puntarenas and a breakfast stop on route, you will board the 71-foot Catamaran Manta Raya for an unforgettable trip to Isla Tortuga (Turtle Island). A paradise with white sand beaches, coconut palms, located on the Golf of Nicoya in the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. As you cruise along the calm waters of the Gulf of Nicoya there is always a possibility of spotting dolphins, sea turtles and aquatic birds. Once at the Island you walk on white sand beaches or take a swim, walk on the island trails or take an optional tour before enjoying a succulent lunch served with chilled white wine and live marimba music. Tour is not private.



Adventure Combo Tour 3 in 1 at Hacienda Pozo Azul Sarapiquí           


After going across the central volcanic mountain range, in the Caribbean low lands you will find the perfect combination of unforgettable adventures for a full day. Hacienda Pozo Azul, a 2000 acre working ranch, has become the adventure destination of choice in Costa Rica, at approx. 90 minutes you will enjoy a great variety of eco adventures in a nature rich environment with first class equipment and trained guides to provide you a safe and unforgettable experience. The tour starts with a 1:30 hour horse ride through the jungle trails at Pozo Azul. Then it is followed by a canopy ride through 9 zip lines on the tree canopy. Last cable with 900 feet crossing Sarapiquí river canyon and lands at the reception complex where lunch will be served. Lastly, there is a white water rafting classes II & III. Instructions and safety rules presentation previous to all activities and facilities with showers and changing rooms are available before return trip.



Pacific`s Extreme Adventure Combo                                                            


The Costa Rica`s best Adventure on the Central Pacific Coast, is just less than 2 hours away from you. The Vista Los Sueños Canopy Zip Line Tour is a project designed not only as an extreme adventure, but as a way to enjoy nature without harming the environment. Bilingual guides will explain step by step all the safety procedures you most follow to enjoy your adventure, we then descend to the bottom via a series of zip lines, including 14 platforms and 12 cables with a total cable distance of 3.5 kilometers including the longest cable in the area (2400 ft.). After, you will have a Snack-Lunch and a short drive that will get you aboard on a Sea Kayak and Snorkeling(*) Tour. No experience is necessary to enjoy the spectacular scenery and, the distances and destinations that are "spot on".



Chocolate Tour & Night Walk at La Tirimbina                                            


Around noon, you will be picked up and driven to La Tirimbina, an educational, scientific and ecotourism destination, situated between the forests and rivers of the northern low lands of Sarapiquí. It offers education programs for primary schools, high schools and university students, as well as facilities for study groups, volunteers and researchers, highlighting the biodiversity and conservation of a rainforest that offers great ecotourism activities. We start with 2.5 hour tour that will open the secrets and wonders of one of mankind’s favorite foods: Chocolate. You will be led by a trained guide across a suspension bridge and a sector of the Tirimbina forest to a former cacao-growing plot. During the hike, the natural and cultural history of the cacao tree will be explained.

On arrival at the plot, the artisanal process by which cacao fruit is transformed into chocolate will be demonstrated (harvest, fermentation, drying, etc.), while the story of pre- and post-colonial chocolate is told. At the site, taste different kinds of chocolate, which are prepared on the spot in the traditional way. After dinner at the Tirimbina`s Cafeteria, Discover the wonders of the forest when most species are active. During the two-hour walk, a naturalist guide will tell you about the natural history of the various nocturnal species of the tropical rainforest. The guide will focus on nocturnal species such as: insects, frogs and nocturnal mammals amongst others, giving you a different perspective of the rainforest. At the end, we will begin the return trip.